Hotel Description




The Richmond Hotel belongs at 100% to SOCIETE INVESCO S.A.L. It is located on the coastal Beirut Tripoli road overlooking the beautiful Jounieh bay directly next to the sea front at 17 kilometers from the Beirut international airport. It is a fact that during the last twelve years the Jounieh area has known a big population and economical activity boom and is today one of the most appropriate area for tourists expansion. This area can level along with the hotel, all tourists expectations demands:
- Proximity of historical sites.

- Proximity of the shopping areas of Kaslik

- Usage of all sea sport leisure.

On the other hand the hotel is located at exactly 5 minutes, by car, from the only gambling place in Lebanon (( Casino du Liban )) and as of today the hotel will be one the Luxury hotel in the area that might accommodate Arab and Western customers which only visit to Lebanon is to gamble in the Casino. It is a fact that no Middle Eastern countries, except few, has casinos since it is forbidden by Islamic laws to gamble. The << Casino du Liban >> has reopened its doors in the early months of 1997.
Finally, the government is undertaking the overall rehabilitation of road network to enable easy circulation of cars to cope with expected figures of tourism and local population growth for the coming years. The government has started the construction of a new highway (Beirut - Jounieh) to facilitate cars circulation. For the hotel it will shorten the time needed to reach The Richmond Hotel from the airport thus opening new market expectations for business customers.


The hotel, as shown in the drawings attached, is composed of twelve floors, 1 basement for hotel services and 2 basements for car parking . Moreover a 2.500 square meters of leisure space (swimming pool / snacks / etc. ) is available to hotel facilities. The details of that space is described below:

- 64 rooms (double / single) of international standard sizes with a balcony that overlooks directly the sea shore.

- 2 Deluxe Suites.

- 1 Royal Penthouse.

a- 1 Revolving restaurant & Bar 104 seats

b- Dining roof terrace 200 square meters

c- Conference rooms & banquet halls to accommodate seminars and exhibitions up to 500 persons.

- 1 breakfast lounge with a terrace on the lobby level

- 1 Piano / bar 96 seats

- 1 night club

d- theater of 88 seats

e- snack bar on the swimming pool area

- swimming pool and tropical garden

- 22 Chalets with a kitchenette

f- 6 Chalets with bedrooms & kitchenette

g- 192 Cabins

h- Gymnasium facilities with indoor pool

i- Parking space area of 175 cars + 48 cars behind the hotel


Due to the location of the hotel in the Keserwan area, a wide variety of customers might be expected thus improving the occupancy ratio of the hotel. We can estimate the group of customers to three kinds: tourists / leisure customers, business customers and casino players customers.

Tourist customers are best acquainted in the Keserwan area due to the beautiful landscaping of the Jounieh bay The Jounieh area has also the biggest number and variety of restaurants and night-clubs, And up to now this region is not equipped with appropriate five stars hotel facilities, apart the Regency Palace Hotel Century Park Hotel, and Acropolis.

Business customers will not certainly be the biggest occupancy rate in the Richmond Hotel on the long term. But since the road network is rehabilitated to facilitate Airport - Hotel transportation, it is fair to assume that for a period of a least after hotel opening (until Beirut hotels are reconstructed), business customers will represent a fair percentage of occupancy because the hotel will provide them the best Price/Quality ratio that other will not provide for the time being. Moreover the Hotel could provide limousine services to customers in and out from the airport. The time factor has enabled the Hotel to gain during that period business customers and as we all known businessmen usually do not like to change their habits.

Casino players customers are a very interesting group of customers an alternative could be undertaken with the management of the (( Casino du Liban >> to reach possible joint agreement to accommodate on a year around terms all the casino players who are willing to spend their vacation in Lebanon. By doing so, all family members will enjoy their stay; as for the wife and children the Hotel will provide leisure facilities and for the husband the proximity of the Casino will be a decisive argument for his stay at the Richmond Hotel .


The Complex includes: Hotel Tower of fourteen floors & Basement
a- Multi purpose / Theater Dining 88/ seats
b- Night Club/Disco with Bar 80/ seats
c- Two Lanes Bowling Billiard & Electronic games
d- Snack bar & Refreshments 16/ seats
e- Staff Dining 18/ seats
f- Public Toilet facilities
g- Main Kitchen Walk-in Cold Store & Pastry
h- Staff Lockers & Toilet facilities
i- Laundry & Stores
j- Mechanical &Tunnel Connection to the Beach

Street Level
a- Main Lobby & Reception 8/ seats
b- Lounge 24/ seats
c- Coffee Shop 108/ seats & Terrace 20/ seats
d- Kitchen
e- Offices
f- Main & Service Stairs,, Open Stairs to Mezzanine and Basement, One Large elevator, one Panoramic and Service Elevator A separate entrance with Stairs & Hydraulic lift to Banquet Hall at 1st Floor.

a- Piano/Bar 96/ seats
b- Conference Room 40/ seats
c- Main Offices
d- Kitchen
e- Public Toilet Facilities

1st Floor
a- Banquet Hall 320 Square Meters
b- Terraces 280 Square Meters
Public Toilet facilities

2nd to 8th Floor

a- 42 King Size Bedrooms Sea View 6 each floor
b- 14 Double Bedrooms Sea View 2 each floor

9th &10th Floor
a- Royal Suit duplex Sea View
b- 2 Suite Sea View
c- 2 King Size Bedrooms Sea View
d- 6 Double Bedrooms Sea View

11th Floor
a- Kitchen
b- Public Toilet Facilities Dining Roof Terrace (200 Square meters.)

12th Floor

a- Revolving Restaurant & Bar 104/ Seats
b- Mechanical & Water Tank
Parking & Services Building of two Basement Level behind the Tower

Top of Parking
a- Children Playground & Landscaped Garden 1000 Square Meters

First Basement
a- 24 Cars Parking Garage
b- Ground Water Tank Transformers & Electric Meters room

Second Basement
a- 24 Cars Parking Garage
b- Mechanical room
c- Stand by Generator room
Kitchen Delivery & Staff Entrance
Beach & Chalet Building Linked to the Hotel Tower by a Tunnel
Chalet Building Street Level
Street Garden & Promenade with Kiosks &Benches (Area approx 2400 Square Meters)

Chalet Building Basement level
a- 22 Chalet with a kitchenette Sea View
b- 6 Chalet with Bedroom & Kitchenette Sea View

c- Electrical & Mechanical room
d- 2 M. wide terrace in front of each Chalet, converted in Winter into a corridor Linked to the Main Tower By the Tunnel with a direct Access to the Street Level So Chalets Can be used in winter as Hotel Extension together with the Gym Facilities

Beach Street Level
a- Free Shape pool Approx 74 M. x 22 M. Tropical Rain Forest Environment with Island, Cascades Natural rocks and Tropical plantations Slides and Water Fun games
b- Shallow Children pool adjacent to Main pool
c- Circular pool over Gym 22 M. diameter with Motorized Small Circular rubber Fun Boats

d- Straw Hut Kiosk for Refreshment and sandwiches

a- Banquet and dining Tent 330 Square Meters
b- Spiral slide into a special pool at basement level
c- Ramps and stairs access from Basement Level to Street Level

Beach Basement Level
a- Tropical Garden in front of Chalets Approx 1440 Square Meters. with Children Playground Ramps and Stairs to Beach Street Level
b- Gymnasium with Indoor Pool IO M. x 5 M. and Jacuzzi , Lockers, Showers & Toilet facilities
c- 175 cars Parking Garage 192 Cabins under swimming pool
d- Public Showers Toilet Facilities and Mechanical Electrical rooms

Port and Marina: There is a provision for a Jetty and a Marina in case the new zoning regulations would allow it . these new zoning regulation are expected to be issued by the present government and pending this we cannot complete and finalise the beach development.


Tel: 00961-1-696600/1/2
Fax: 00961-1-696603